“Worth the investment.”

"The workshop was packed with knowledge in every topic. But, the informal dinners, critiques and after parties gave all attendees to the opportunity mingle with Clay made it completely worth the investment. I learned a lot at the dinner table."

— Michael Johnston - New York, New York

“You will not regret the decision.”

"Still to this day I look back and use a lot of the tools Clay gave us in my photography and how I present my brand.  It has definitely allowed me to take my photography to a higher level of quality and skill. If you have not taken one of Clay's workshops or have thought about it, go do it now...  You will not regret the decision."

- Jeff Lohne - New York, New York

"Clay's class is straight forward with clear instructions on how he produces his images. No secrets just clear technique. His process flow is simple and made me understand that I do not need expensive equipment to create beautiful images. Being a hobbyist, I cannot afford expensive equipment but Clay made it clear that it is how I use my tools, understanding light, composition and communicating with my subject".

- Franz Castillo Espiritu - San Diego, California

“Clay was really open to everything.”

Clay was very open with answering all the questions and shared all his extensive lighting knowledge. The lighting setups were discussed in great detail. There was a lot to take in.

Rohit Gauta, London, England

“Incredibly impressed.”

"I left Portland that afternoon incredibly impressed with Clay and what he put together for his 2015 Workshop tour." 

- Anthony Thurston - Portland, Oregon